Investigating states of matter

We have been investigating different states of matter in Science, and discussed how to inflate a balloon without blowing into it. Lots of us thought that maybe spraying another gas, such as an aerosol, into the balloon might work? Other wondered whether it was possible at all!

To demonstrate that this was possible, we carried out an experiment involving mixing bicarbonate of soda and vinegar to create a carbon dioxide gas which would inflate the balloon.

Reading Week

During Reading Week we enjoyed focussing on the work of Terry Deary; the creator of 'Horrible Histories'.

We all agreed that he is a fantastic author because he brings history to life and teaches us about historical events in a really entertaining way.

We found out some facts about Terry - he used to be a teacher and is also an actor and enjoys running! We found out these facts so that we could complete a non-chronological report about him.

Greek Mythology

We have really enjoyed our latest topic - Greek Mythology! We have studied some important myths such as Daedalus and Icarus, Pandora's Box, The Battle of Troy and Aphrodite. These different myths all had lessons that we discussed and we enjoyed doing lots of description work on the characters in these myths.

New Age Kurling Competition

Along with the rest of the school, Year 4 have enjoyed taking part in our Inter-Planet Sports Competition! Earth, Neptune, Jupiter and Saturn took each other on at 'New-Age Kurling', a game that was new to most of us, but we soon picked up the rules. The aim was to push Kurling stones forward with just enough force and aim for the target - ideally pushing the opponents' stones out of the way at the same time!

The end result was that Earth won easily, thanks to Tia and Isabelle's spot-on scoring!

Earth: 36 points

Jupiter: 16 points

Saturn: 8 points

Neptune: 8 points

Ancient Greece Topic

We have been learning all about Ancient Greece in our topic work this half term.

We have done lots on work about the Ancient Greek empire, the Ancient Olympics and everyday life for boys and girls in Athens and Sparta - two of the main city states.

We also learnt about daily life by studying Greek vases, which depict stories of life and battles in Ancient Greece. Sometimes scenes painted on vases reflected what the pot was used for.

The Greeks believed that the goddess Athena invented the potter's wheel.

Here are some of our own designs.


 Year 4 have been focusing on 'Light and Christianity' in RE, and have made a Christingle to celebrate the season of Advent.

Christingle means 'Christ's Light' and celebrates Jesus as 'The Light of the World'. Each part of the Christingle represents a different thing, e.g. the red ribbon represents Jesus' blood, and the sweets represent the fruits of the earth.

We were very lucky because we had a visitor from The Faith Centre to help us to learn about and make our Christingles.

Year 4 Music and Art Week

Year 4 have really enjoyed doing lots of Music this week!

We have listened to, practised singing and playing instruments to the songs of Abba.

Dancing Queen is Mrs Jeal's favourite, Thank You For The Music is Mrs Pirraglia's favourite and Mr Johnson and Miss Littleworth both preferred Waterloo!

Children in 4X and 4Z debated over whether they preferred Dancing Queen or Mamma Mia...

Which is your favourite?

PE with Mr Sweeney

This half term, we have taken part in PE with a specialist sports coach, Mr Sweeney.

We have worked on our ball skills and played lots of ball games.

We have also tried hard to boost our stamina and fitness!

Practical Maths

In Maths, we have been spending time working practically in order to help our learning.

We have been measuring different objects, and using different ways to measure - like a trundle wheel to measure metres.

We have also tried to improve our logic and thinking skills by doing maths challenges in small groups.

Talk for writing

To help us to immerse ourselves in a text, we have been working with each other in groups to do 'Talk for writing'.

We dissect texts and try to work out the features of it, then we try to recap the story by using actions and prompts.

This helps us remember different elements of a text when we want to write our own version!