Safer Internet Day 2017

Every class in school did special activities in class to highlight the importance of keeping themselves safe online. Please have a look at some examples from each year group.

FS1 and FS2 -  We talked about different technology we use and what we enjoy doing online. The children drew pictures to show what they enjoyed doing online. We all read the story of 'Smartie the Penguin' which taught us what to do if we have a problem when using the Internet and FS2 wrote some of the ways to keep safe online.

Read the story here: 


Year 1 - We talked about staying safe online. We watched a video about avatars and then we each created our own avatar and wrote about why they are helpful for keeping us safe. You could have a go at creating an avatar at home by clicking here 




Year 2 - We talked about staying safe online and designed posters to educate others.


Year 3 - We read some stories and watched some videos about Internet safety. We discussed rules and do's and don'ts when using the Internet. We found out about people who could help us if we found a problem while online and made lists of safe websites we can enjoy. We put all the information into a flap book to share with others.



Year 4 - We used an app on the iPads to make word clouds about online safety.

Year 5 - We watched some videos about online safety. We did a mind map about different forms of digital communication. We sorted statements into online and offline conversations. We made posters to educate others about how to protect themselves online and we completed an Internet safety crossword.

Year 6 - we designed posters to educate others about online safety.