Sports Funding


 Mount Pleasant has received £9516 of Sports/P.E. funding for 2017/18.


This amount will be allocated to:

Qualified Sport Coach Damian Sweeney continuing to provide staff CPD and additional P.E. sessions for targeted year groups. - To improve fitness levels across the school and to up-skill staff in the areas of Games and Athletics.

Before and After school sports clubs for targeted groups run by Damian Sweeney. - To provide further sporting opportunities for Gifted and Talented children and other targeted groups.

Additional out of school CPD Training for Sports/P.E. Coordinators in the areas of 'Dance in the Primary Curriculum' and 'Orienteering '. - To contribute towards up-skilling of present staff and to ensure a full and enriched P.E. and sports curriculum is taught across the whole school.

Purchase/upgrade of required P.E. equipment in line with new curriculum, including a new set of light-weigh mats and a set of New Age Kurling Equipment -  to ensure a full and enriched P.E. and sports curriculum is taught across the whole school and to use for intra- school tournaments.

Membership of School Sports Partnership -  which will result in further opportunities for inter school team competitions and tournaments for a wide range of children, including those with physical impairments.

Arrangement of 'Outdoor and Adventurous' activity challenges in line with new KS2 P.E. curriculum - To engage children and up-skill current staff in this area.

3 x Gifted and Talented Workshops facilitated by Elite Sports - To provide opportunities for those excelling in sports and P.E. to improve their skill set and fitness levels.

Prizes for intra-school tournaments (1 per term) - To engage all children in a range of competative sports and create an enhanced sense of inclusion and achievement for all children. 


Impact of P.E and Sports funding

 Sports impact statement 15/16