School Uniform


School Sweatshirt/ Cardigan with school Logo

White Blouse or White Polo Shirt

Grey Skirt / Pinafore / Trousers

Grey or white socks/ grey, black or red tights

Suitable plain black school shoes (not trainers) 



School Sweatshirt with school Logo

White Blouse or White Polo Shirt

Grey trousers

Grey knee length shorts (Summer Term) 

Grey Socks

Suitable plain black school shoes (not trainers)


P.E Kit (indoors)

Black Shorts

White T Shirt

Elasticated Slip-on black pumps

Drawstring bag 


P.E Kit (Outdoors) from Year 2 to Year 6

 Black tracksuit and trainers for outdoor activities during the winter months to be kept in a simple P.E bag.




Smart Appearance for School


Children in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 need a red Mount Pleasant reading bag, (available from the school office). These can continue to be used in Key Stage 2 or an appropriately sized alternative may be needed to carry packed lunches and sports clothes. 

Hair Styles:


We expect our pupils to wear their hair in a way that is both suitable for school and appropriate for a primary age child. We do not expect children to come to school on a normal school day sporting, for example, extreme haircuts such as too short shaven heads (1 or 2), wedged hair, v-shaped pelmets, visible lines, dyed/coloured hair, long fringes, etc.

For health and safety reasons we require all children with long hair to tie it back when in school, with plain bobbles, clips and headbands in school colours (black, white, grey, red).

Children should not be using excessive products on their hair, for example, hair gel. 

Ear Piercing:

For Safety Reasons jewellery should not be worn (only studs allowed in newly pierced ears, but these must be removed for swimming/P.E lessons).For this reason we recommend that ears should be pierced at the beginning of the summer holiday. 


All other jewellery, elaborate hair ornaments, etc are not suitable for school