Match Reports


On the 6th/7th February 2017, all the pupils at Mount Pleasant Primary School participated in an inter-planet New Age Kurling Tournament.

This is a sport that requires participants to deliver stones from one end of a court to a target at the other end of the court. The competition is to get the stones as close to the centre of the target in order to get the highest score.

The target contained different marks. The outer ring had the lowest number of points and as you got closer to the middle they got higher.

It can get quite competitive as opponents can knock your stones off resulting in scorning no points at all.

The final positions were as follows:

1st – Earth

2nd- Jupiter

3rd- Neptune

4th- Saturn

Everybody really enjoyed playing and some people wanted it as an afterschool club.

Harvey  - Sports Captain



On 23rd November, Mount Pleasant primary school attended Hyndburn sports centre athletics event.

Seven pupils from year 5 and 5 pupils from year 6 were entered in the relay race, 2 by 1 race, 2 by 2 race, vertical jump, speed boost, javelin and five strides field events. Harvey Dillon won his heat in the javelin and vertical jump. Ben Hall won the speed bounce scoring an excellent score of 55 in 20 seconds and Amy Taylor won the speed bounce for the girls. Everyone put in a brilliant performance.

Unfortunately, we didn’t qualify for the championship final but the team put 100% effort in and really enjoyed the event.

Harvey Dillon – Sports Captain



Year 3/4 Indoor Athletics event – November 2016

 At the start of the event Amelia , Maddison, Millie and Grace took place in the girl’s obstacle relay the girls were amazingly fast and quick ran their way into 2nd place. After that it was time for the boys to race; the boys had a fab team that included : Mackenzie, Dawson, Ethan and Oscar, they were also very fast and they jumped the hurdles like a piece of cake.  Proudly they got to 4th place and it was well deserved. Both the girls and the boys team showed great enthusiasm and did well.

In the relays everybody tried their best and showed excellent team work skills, Amelia Oats and Grace achieved 1st place well done girls, we are all proud of you!!  There was also a lot of 2nd places which Is a great score and again a score to be proud of.

I couldn’t clearly see the javelin but I could tell they were doing amazingly. They threw the javelin stick like it was a feather.

Everybody tried very hard and fair but sadly we didn’t get 1st place in this event but at least they tried their best and most importantly had fun and worked together as a team. They all proudly represented our school with excellent enthusiasm support and motivation to do well. 

By: Sports Captain Halle