Mount Pleasant Primary School

Welcome to Year 4


Mrs Foster                         Mr Gazdula
Mrs Garforth                        Mrs Myles

Our Class Prefects

As part of British Values Week, we held an election to find class prefects. This is a big responsibility, so pupils who wanted to be a prefect had to write a letter to the class explaining why they should be elected.

In 4X, Rahib was chosen by his classmates, while in 4Z, Dylan was chosen.


In PE, we have been completing a unit of gymnastics.  Within this, we have been focusing on developing the quality of travelling actions both on our feet and hands. We have also explored a range of symmetrical and asymmetrical actions.

Odd Socks Day

For Anti-Bullying Week, as a school, we took part in Odd Socks Day. This is a national event all about celebrating what makes someone unique. Please have a look at some of the socks we wore that day.

An eggsperiment!

In Science, we did an experiment that tested the effect that different liquids would have on teeth. We used eggs, as eggshell is similar to tooth enamel. We submerged the eggs in water, milk, a fizzy drink and vinegar to see what effect each liquid would have. Our outcome was quite startling - the fizzy drink had started to rot the shell!

Robot Day!

As part of our learning in computing, we had an amazing Robot Day! We used a tablet to program a robot and make it do certain things, like move and make noises. We had to send instructions called an algorithm and we also learnt how to debug a program too!

Our trip to Outdoor Elements

We visited Outdoor Elements to go thousands of years back in time and explore how Stone Age Man might have lived! We practised hunting for food - we used a bow and arrow, and threw sticks and stones to try to 'catch' animals. We also gathered - we found berries and made bread by the fire. Our final challenge was to shelter. A storm was coming, so we had to build a shelter that would withstand the wind and rain!

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