Mount Pleasant Primary School

Welcome to Year 4


Mr Johnson                         Mr Gazdula

Mrs Garforth                        Mrs Myles

Spring term

Back to School

Thankfully, we were allowed to fully reopen in March, meaning we could return to some normality in school. As a result, we have been able to complete many interesting and exciting activities since then.

Lockdown learning

Unfortunately, in January we had to go back into lockdown. This meant that most of us had to learn from home again :-(

Despite this, we still managed to learn lots and complete some amazing work! Here is some of our science work, self-portraits and the Trojan Horses we built!

Harry even wrote and practised his own fitness regime!

Autumn term

Christmas Party!

We really enjoyed our Christmas Party! We had a picnic with snacks in class, then made a playlist to listen to some of our favourite songs in our disco. After we had done some of our best dancing, we played some party games and the winners got prizes!

PE and fitness

We are doing lots of PE at the moment - we do it nearly every day. It's really important to build up our fitness and to maintain our stamina. Here is some of the things we are doing.

Our trip to Outdoor Elements

In September, we visited Outdoor Elements for an outdoor and adventurous activities day.

We had fun doing a range of different activities - ones that people who lived in Prehistoric Times might have done to survive. We built a shelter using branches and material; we built a fire, then baked bread on it; we practised shooting using a bow and arrow and we went foraging for food, finding different berries and fruits.

We had a fantastic day and were really lucky to go on a trip this year!

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