Mount Pleasant Primary School

British Values Week

We have been studying British Values, focusing particularly on 'Respect'. Here is some of our work:

We also discussed the work of the Parliament in the United Kingdom. We discovered what the job of an MP is, and held a debate in our very own House of Commons that we set up in 4Z classroom! We chose a speaker and a Prime Minister, and debated whether to enact a bill about banning smoking.

During British Values week, we also elected class representatives for our year in Year 4. Each candidate had to write a letter stating why they would be a good Class Rep and why they should be chosen by the class. After the election, it was revealed that George will represent 4Z and Olive will represent 4X.

Prehistoric Times

In the Autumn term, our topic has been 'Prehistoric Times' and we have been learning all about Britain in the Stone Age through to the Bronze Age.

We have studied Stonehenge and done lots of fantastic artwork to support our learning!

4Z did an assembly all about our learning in this topic.

We also went on a trip to Outdoor Elements, where we had a fantastic time experiencing what it might have been like to have been living in the Stone Age!


In PSHE, we celebrated the centenary of the very first Remembrance Day in 1919. We discussed the sacrifices made by thousands of soldiers during World War One and in subsequent wars. We also held a 2 minute silence in school and did some art work of poppies, which are flowers that symbolise remembrance.

Inter-Planet Curling Tournament

We took part in an 'Inter-Planet Curling Tournament'. The aim was to roll the stone and try to reach the target to gain points. You should also try to knock the opposition's stones out of the way so that, at the end of the game, the team with the most stones near to the target will get more points and win!

Saturn won our tournament!


WAGOLL stands for 'What A Good One Looks Like' and whenever we have done some WAGOLL work, it is displayed as a fantastic example of work to be proud of! Here is some WAGOLL work:


As part of our Europe project, we have picked a European country to carry out research and do a presentation on.

There were lots of different countries to chose from, and children made models, did PowerPoint presentations, drew sketches and even conducted food tasting as part of their fantastic presentations! Mr Johnson, Miss Braddock and Mrs Clarke were extremely proud of them all!

Everyone who gave a presentation was rewarded with a certificate and a pencil, whilst some people won prizes such as a blow-up globe and a picture atlas for the fantastic effort they put into their project.

Our production of 'GOLD!'

We have really enjoyed rehearsing and performing our production this half term. As part of our topic about Ancient Greece, we have read the story of King Midas, who had the golden touch. We spent a lot of time practising the play and performed it to every class in school, as well as doing two performances for our parents and grandparents.

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