Mount Pleasant Primary School

Science Club 

Tuesday 12th October 2021           Litter Picking 

Today in Science Club we have completed a litter pick around the local area. We found lots of empty crisp/sweet packets, empty cans and lots of plastic. We think that it is really important to look after our local environment so that it looks cleaner and is safer for the wildlife.

Maybe you could help by collecting some litter on your way to and from school?

Send us some photos of you litter pick.  

Tuesday 5th October 2021            Dancing Balloons 

Today in Science Club we have investigated how to make a balloon dance. We created a negative charge in the balloon by rubbing it on different surfaces and then held it close to a hanging balloon. We all managed to get our balloon to dance.

We then tried to get our balloons to stick onto the wall.

Have a go at home and send us your pictures. 


We also had some fun racing the balloons on different surfaces. 

Tuesday 28th September 2021       Skittle Rainbows

Today was our first meeting as a Science Club. We talked about the kind of activities that we will do over the coming weeks and then got into our first investigation. 

We were challenged with making a rainbow using:

A plate

Warm water


We then used the laptops to research why the skittles and warm water created a rainbow. 

The Science Behind this Rainbow Science Experiment:

Skittles are coated with sugar and food colouring. When you add warm water to the Skittles, the sugar and food colouring start to dissolve. They have similar amounts coated on them so they dissolve at similar speeds and stay in their lanes.


Have a try at home and email your results to school. 

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