Mount Pleasant Primary School

Mount Pleasant Primary School

Number of Pupil Premium
103 children are Pupil Premium in school. ( 25 % )
Total PP
FS1 4
FS2 7
Yr 1 11
Yr 2 15
Yr 3 15
Yr 4 14
Yr 5 18
Yr 6 19

Total PP Funding 2019-2020
£150,920 (Indicative)
The primary purpose of this funding is to ensure that these groups of children are not educationally disadvantaged and therefore all funding will be used to close any learning gaps so that children can make accelerated progress and achieve as well as their peers.
Our key focus for the coming year will be on closing the gap for pupils in receipt of Free School Meals throughout the school. This year we are focusing on Reading and Health/ Wellbeing.
This funding will be put towards the cost of providing:

• Funding of a TA2B for each class for intervention work.
• A full-time Pastoral mentor for the whole school to access.
• Funding to staff and resource a breakfast club and a small after school club for basic skills and intervention work.
• Enrichment activities including; Sports morning club, Theatre experiences, More Able Workshops in core and foundation subjects.
• Subsidised school trips.
• Year five and 6 WOPPS
• Lunchtime Play Leader
• Guided reading materials
• New spare Uniform/PE kits
• For CLA provide staffing for 1:1 work to help with classroom transition, emotional wellbeing and general support in class.
• Release time for our school assessment subject leader for monitoring all intervention groups for Pupil Premium children.
• Release time for our school English and PSHE subject leaders for staff development, training and monitoring.
• Funding for release time for SLT to hold termly pupil progress meetings using data analysis and feedback for each class regarding the progress regarding the progress of each child in reading, writing and maths. These meetings will be used to plan and evaluate interventions for children at risk of not making at least good progress and / or achieving age related levels at the end of the year.


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