Mount Pleasant Primary School



We have high expectations of behaviour in school. School rules are clear and simple. They are for the welfare and safety of the children. 


 At Mount Pleasant:

  1. We treat everyone with respect.
  2. We work hard and allow others to do the same.
  3. We follow instructions.
  4. We move safely.

We believe that our approach to pupil behaviour management and discipline must be consistently applied. It must be understood by all the school staff and pupils. 


Bullying is actively discouraged at all times and any such offences are dealt with immediately. 


All adults aim to provide positive examples and attitudes.  Therefore relationships with other adults and with pupils should be fair, honest, polite, respectful and considerate.


Please open the link below to see the complete Pupil behaviour, discipline and safety policy. 

We have a Team Planet System with planet points given for good work, effort, behaviour and manners. 


Behaviour Policy 2021-22.doc


Children and staff are allocated a team in family groups. Each half term the winning Team Planet is treated to a non-uniform day as a reward. We also hold regular good work assemblies to celebrate excellence, and improvement. Headteachers Awards are given to recognise effort and personal achievement. 


Each Team Planet has an associated colour: 

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