Mount Pleasant Primary School

Medicines in School


Mount Pleasant School has adopted the Lancashire Health and Safety Policy, which does not permit school staff to administer prescribed medicines.  No “over the counter” medicines will be allowed in school only in exceptional circumstances and with the relevant paperwork completed.  The administration of medicines is the responsibility of the parent/carer.  Any medicine that has been prescribed that needs to be taken 3 times daily can usually be spaced evenly throughout the day and does not necessarily have to be taken at lunchtime.  If a child needs prescribed medicine at lunchtime parents will need to make arrangements with the class teacher.  We would hope that if a child was on a course of medicine, careful consideration would be given to whether the child is actually well enough to attend school.


Children requiring inhalers for Asthma need to have a spare one in school which must be labelled and kept in a safe place in their classroom.  This must be accompanied by a signed form detailing the name of medication and dosage, along with contact numbers.  Children with inhalers will be required to take them on school trips and to sporting events and to P.E. lessons.  School staff will record in the accident book whenever a child has taken their inhaler.


Any pupils with complex medical needs will require further guidance and if necessary a detailed treatment plan will be drawn up between pupil, parent, G.P., school nurse and school staff.


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