Our Learning Journey

Spanish Day

The Royal Wedding - we all made St Georges flag biscuits and had a special celebration for the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Marrkle.

Visiting Knight 

Sir Eggburt - we worked in groups to make  armour for egg knights using different materials. We then rolled each knight down a slope to see if the armour protected the egg (see videos below).

Clitheroe Castle Trip

Castles Outside - we used boxes to build castles.

Beautiful Butterflies - we have observed our butterflies change from caterpillars to cocoons and then to butterflies.

Road Safety

Easter fun in Early Years

Family Friday 16th March 2018

Enjoying the snow

Spring 2 Enjoying Chinese New Year

Winter in the Early Years Spring 1 January 2018

Our Trip on the Santa Express

Writing Letters to our Elf

Odd Socks Day - Anti Bullying Week

Our Maths Investigation Area

Bonfire / Firework Night Celebration - firework dances, glitter numbers, designing a firework show using ICT, chocolate sparklers, a colour experiment.

Diwali Celebrations

Making a Bug House

Parents Lunch