Year Six Learning Journey

Spring Two

We have learnt about the Circulatory System - we made models of blood!

We made bird boxes which we help attract birds to our wildlife garden

Spring One

Some of us went to take part in Maths challenge day!

In PE we created dances based on emotions relating to Year 6 experiences

Autumn Two

To celebrate our differences during Anti-Bullying week, we designed odd socks!

We recorded the 2BR jingle which was played at the start of the breakfast show for a full week!

At Christmas we made cards, calendars and Christmas stockings.

Autumn One

During our PSHE lessons, we have focused on Taking Part as well as learning about the importance of British Values.

Mr Parkinson, the local councillor and the Chairman of our school govenors, came to speak to us about local and national politics. He told us about his careers as well as his day to day role on the council.

In PE with Mr Sweeney, we have been working on our team work skills, agility and the skills required for contact sports.

We have looked at different types of passing with balls and when to use which them as well as the importance of communication.

In Science, we have been learning about light and how we see things.

We have investigated parts of the eye, reflection and refraction.