Spring Term in Year 1 - Some of our highlights.

In Science, we all planted a seed in our own pots,which we went on to decorate and sell for Enterprise Week.  In the afternoon, we wrote out all the steps we needed to follow in order to plant our seeds.

During our Great Fire of London History topic, we created representations of a house/houses from 1666.  We drew a house before the fire, during the fire and after the fire.  Our beautiful art-work is displayed in our classrooms. 

During Spring term,we have been learning gymnastics in our P.E. lessons.  We have practiced lots of different gymnastic moves like, Front Support Position, Jump and Land, Caterpillar Walks and Pencil Rolls.  We also worked in pairs or groups to create gymnastic sequences together. 

Our Learning Journey - Autumn 1

In Year 1 we have been enjoying Practical Maths sessions every Monday morning.

In Science we have been learning about Animals and Seasonal Change.  We enjoyed a Minibeast Hunt on our school Wildlife Path; where we collected minibeasts and brought them back into the classroom to study.  


In Design Technology we all designed and made a pizza in our groups!  Our pizzas were delicious!