Our Learning Journey


 Autumn Term 2 2017

Christmas is coming! We have been busy designing and making decorations, making Christmas cards and calendars and visiting the Pantomime.


Year 2 have been working with Miss Estelle. She has taught us los of different dance techniques including levels, exaggerated movements and facial expressions. Over the weeks working with Miss Estelle we have learnt a fantastic dance about animals.

In Music we have been learning about Alan Menken. We have researched who he is and found out interesting facts. We then listened to some of his songs and appraised them. We were very good at saying which ones we preferred! We have also enjoyed learning his songs and performing them!

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Autumn Term 1 2017

Year 2 had their magnificent performance of 'The Goblin Next Door' on Wednesday 25th October. We had enjoyed learning the songs and our lines and we even thought of our own actions and dances!


Year 2 have been perfecting our Gymnastic moves. We have been learning how to balance on different body parts, travel in different ways and worked with a partner to create a dance sequence.


In maths we have been using the resources to find different ways of making numbers, using base 10 to make numbers and exploring shape properties.