Summer Term


Our Amazing School Trip to Blackpool and St Annes...

English:  During our 'Stories from Other Cultures' unit of work, we had a super time creating our own versions of the story in groups to act out for the rest of the class.

D.T. - In Design Technology, we designed and made our own paper bag kites.  We had to decide what to use to join the parts together.  We then had great fun testing our kites to see how well they flew.  Afterwards, we completed an evaluation of our design and decided what we could do better next time.

Spring Term:

We have enjoyed a 'Games' Unit in PE where we learnt lots of different skills for playing tennis.

They included balancing, throwing, catching, bouncing, aiming, travelling and spacial awareness.

In Science we made a rain gauge in pairs from a plastic bottle.  We put small stones in the bottom to stop it from falling over.  We put our rain gauges outside on our school field for 2 weeks and measured and compared the rainfall over this two week period.  At the end, we made a graph to show our results.



In English, we really enjoyed our unit of 'Poems to learn by Heart'.  We learned performed lots of different poems, creating actions to help us with our performances.  We performed in groups for the rest of the class and, as a whole class for other teachers.  We even wrote and performed our own poem all about our class.    



Our Learning Journey - Autumn Term

As part of our Seasonal Change Topic in Science, we all enjoyed walking to the woods to observe signs of Autumn and collect lots of leaves to bring back to school for our displays.


The whole school competed in an 'Interplanet Obstacle Orienteering' Competition.  We competed against each other in our Planets and all had lots of fun - Saturn was the winning planet in Year 1.


In Practical Maths, we all enjoyed a shape hunt around school.  We looked for everyday objects that were either square, triangular, rectangular or circle shape.  We then worked out which was the most common shape around school.