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Welcome to Year 2 2021-22

Summer Term

In Design and Technology, we have been finding out all about different types of puppets. One of the puppets we learnt about was the finger puppet. First we all designed two different animal finger puppets and then we decided which one we wanted to bring to life. 

This half term we went on a fantastic trip to Manchester Airport where we pretended to be the pilot of an aeroplane, watched planes land and take off, visited Concorde, as well as a lot more. We all absolutely loved learning about the history of transport and dressing up! To make it even more exciting it was some children's first time on a real aeroplane! Luckily the weather was fantastic and we all came back happy but worn out!

It was time for our sports day, with the summer sun shining down on us, we all took part in 4 different events. We had the welly throw, the obstacle course, the sack race and finally the sprint. We finished off by having different sprint challenges against different groups. We all tried our hardest with some really impressive performances, from Adeel and Alivia winning a Star Performer's Medal

Spring 2

This half term we have created a beau'tea'ful Mother's day card and a colourful, Easter egg basket. The best part was that we could fill our baskets with mini eggs (after Mrs Atkin and Mr Cooper had greedily already eaten some!) 

On Thursday 3rd March it was World Book Day. We decided on a theme of magic due to the 25 year anniversary of the release of the Philosopher's Stone by J K Rowling. We had lots of different costumes that the children had dressed up as from magicians to genies and a massive invasion of Hogwarts students! We had a great day of reading a book we had brought in, creating a potion which makes the perfect story and a book scavenger hunt around the classroom.

This term in History we have found out all about different modes of transport and how they have changed over time. We looked at the Viking longboat and how the Vikings marauded around Europe using their famous longboat. We then proceeded to create our own Viking longboat which looked absolutely fantastic.

Spring 1

In PSHE we have been looking at 'Relationships' - We put the children in small groups and gave them a different scenario to act out, where there was a problem within the friendship group.  The children had to think of a way to solve the issues calmly and without falling out.  They came up with some very sensible solutions.  As part of Children's Mental Health Awareness Week, we enjoyed some time to clear our minds and went outside to gaze at the clouds and draw the shapes we could see.  The children then came back into class and wrote about how they felt afterwards.

In Science this half term we have been continuing to study plants. We completed two different experiments. The first experiment was seeds vs bulbs; seeing which one grew the quickest and which one finished the tallest. The second experiment was changing the conditions of a seed and seeing how it grew. We had a seed with light and water, one with no light but water, one with no water but light and one with no light and no water. The seed with both light and water grew the most, to our surprise the one with no light but water grew really tall but it was yellow and unhealthy.

 Autumn 2

We all had a fabulous time watching the pantomime at The Empire Theatre in Blackburn.  (Oh no, we didnt!) 


We had a visit from the local fire service.  They taught us all about how to keep safe at home and the importance of having working smoke detectors and an escape plan, in case of a fire.  Now we know that we need to use the back of our hands to check the door handle and to crawl out of the room to stay below the smoke because smoke rises upwards. 


Autumn Term

This half term we have had both Miss Brown and Coach Corey teaching us PE. With Miss Brown we have been learning all about dance and with Coach Corey we have enjoying gymnastics looking at balancing, jumping and rolling.

In English we have been reading Jim and the Beanstalk by Ramond Briggs. We have read the book and we have acted out different scenes as well as freeze framing different parts of the story. Here we are with out different freeze frames, beware some are particularly scary!

In Design Technology, we have been looking at Food Technology. We have found out how to use a knife safely and we have used it to cut different pieces of fruit up using the claw grip. We had designed what we wanted our fruit salads to look like. After we had chopped the fruit, we selected what fruit we wanted and created our own fruit salad. Finally, we ate it!

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