Our Learning Journey


Welcome to Year 2 2019-20!

Autumn 1

Here we are on our first day in Year 2.

In P.E. 2Z have been participating in gymnastics with Mrs Harwood and 2X have enjoyed working with Mr Sweeney whilst learning how to play different games.

In English we have been reading 'Jim and the Beanstalk' as we learn about alternative traditional tales. We found giant footprints and a message in our classroom along with a beanstalk growing towards the ceiling. We have predicting, making up our own rhymes and acting out parts of the story.

Summer Term

Summer 2

On 9th July we went on our school trip to Farmer Parr's animal farm. We have been learning about animals and their babies in Science so we were very excited to be able to see lots of different animals at this time of year. We were able to hold, feed and groom some of the animals.  

In Science we have continued to study animals, their young and their habitats. As part of this in D.T. we explored different types of puppets before designing our own finger and glove puppets.

For our holiday homework we were asked to create anything to do with lighthouses. We completed colourings, drawings, paintings, models or fact files  and we even had a jigsaw, news report and a cake! 

Summer 1

In Science we have been looking at animals including humans, seeing how we can keep clean and stay healthy. So for our Design Technology lesson we thought it would be a great idea to create a model of animal made out of clay. We had great fun shaping the bodies and legs turning into the animals. 

In computing we have been learning to code. So far we have completed a dance and helped a Minecraft character.

We enjoy completing the daily mile on our running track. We have also been learning how to use the trim trail. In P.E. we have been working on our team work skills.

Spring Term

In Science we have been learning about humans. So far we have thought about healthy living and diets. Year 6 and Reception came to help us with our experiment finding out if we are quicker at completing different tasks as we get older. They had to move 20 pom poms into a cup using tweezers, complete a jigsaw and star jumps. We found that the Year 6 children were usually quicker, however one of our Reception children was quicker than some of the Year 6 children!


We have started our new topic 'Fantasy'. We received a letter from a mysterious animal asking us to locate the precious egg she had left and look after it until she returns. We were so excited! We followed a set of clues that took us all around school until we found the egg. When we got back to class, we thought of lots of adjectives and noun phrases to describe our journey. 

We waited patiently for it to hatch... 

After a while we noticed some cracks beginning to appear and then a tiny dragon hatched!

We have also been writing our own dragon tales throughout this half-term.

Spring 1

We have been learning to dance in P.E. We pretended to be explorers and move around different environments, exaggerating our movements. We also took part in an inter-planet kurling competition.

In February it was really warm so we even managed to take our PE lessons outside!

In D.T. we have been designing and making a vehicle for Mr Houghton, our site supervisor. Mr Houghton made a powerpoint and came to speak to us to explain his responsibilities around school and what he would need in a new vehicle. We also examined his tools and cleaning equipment. In History, we had been learning about transport and this also helped us with our designs.

We have been learning about the artist John Constable. We researched him and his work and then had a go at recreating on own versions (computer, painting and drawing)

Autumn Term

Autumn 2

In Year 2 we are preparing for Christmas!   

We have been making decorations, cards and calendars and visited Thwaites Theatre to watch Peter Pan.

In English we have been learning about winter poetry. We have read different poems, discussed their features and even written our own poem. We also enjoy reading in Year 2, especially when we get to read together.

In Science we have been learning about plants. We have collected leaves, looked at plants, sketched leaves and conducted an investigation to see what conditions work best to grow cress seeds.