Mount Pleasant Primary School

Mount Pleasant Primary School

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We are very fortunate at our school to have a P.T.F.A. that is an integral part of our school community.  Over the years the P.T.F.A. has raised many thousands of pounds that has been spent on improving equipment and resources to enhance the children's education and learning environment.

All parents are encouraged to get involved and we are always looking for new members.  If you would like to get involved with our P.T.F.A. or need any further information please just come into the school office.



Winter Wonderland

Our children took a trip down our very own Winter Wonderland. They even had a very special visit from Father Christmas who gave every child a gift and even made it snow. 

Bonfire Night 

Inflatable Fun Day 

Kings Coronation 

On Friday 5th May we celebrated the Kings Coronation. We celebrated in various ways as a school. Some of the things we did were:
. Wearing our own red, white and blue clothes
.A whole school sing along. Singing God Save Our King and The Coronation Day song
.Created class plant pots and planted different bedding plants
.Decorated a crown and various craft activities
.Made our very own flags and decorated biscuits
.Year group picnic

Design an Easter Egg Competition 

We held a 'Design an Easter Egg' Competition. Children designed a hard boiled egg how ever fun and festive as they liked. We were overwhelmed by how many entries we had. Every single entry was so creative and different.