Mount Pleasant Primary School

Mount Pleasant Primary School

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Forest School

Autumn 2

This week the children in Year 6 were learning all about different food chains. The children used cards to identify the food chains and were then asked to use the cards to make their own.

This group of year 6 children had their first Forest school. In this lesson they took part in various activities. These were: 

  • Singing the camp song Down in the Jungle where nobody Goes
  • Hide & Seek

  • Cryptic treasure hunt

    The children. were given a sheet  with symbols. They had to look around to find the symbol which had a letter on the back. When they wrote the letter in it gave them the clue to find the hidden treasure.
  • Butterfly identification

     The children were trying to find the butterflies hidden around  on their sheet and make sure it matched the name on their sheet, if it did they would match the number
  • Art in Nature

    Using only natural materials from the Wildlife Area the children were creating any picture they liked

     The children had to build a den which was tall enough and wide enough  for my tub to fit in and get out

Autumn 1

For forest school week 1, the children in year 1 played hide and seek and collected different items such as sticks, leaves and cones to design and make their very own trees. 
Year 2 children had a scavenger hunt. Children then made trees from bark, leaves and sticks. They then observed the different kinds of bugs in the Sunflowers and made faces in them 
Nursey and reception had their very first Forest school where they explored our wildlife area and all the different nature items around
Forest school week 2, children in 1Z and 2Z had 3 different tasks to do.
Den Building - Children had to build a den from different sticks that they found big enough for a pipe cleaner figure could fit
Butterfly Hunt - Children had to find the butterfly on their sheet to a butterfly image hung around the wildlife area and then put the correct number on their sheet 
Bug Hunt - Children had to look for different kinds of bugs in the wild, under logs, rocks and on leaves
This was the first Forest School for children in 1X and 2X. For the first lesson children took part in a group scavenger hunt, hide and seek, familiarised themselves with the surroundings and identified hazards 
Reception and Nursery children had fun exploring the mud kitchen, making faces from natural materials and digging in the soil looking for worms