Mount Pleasant Primary School

Mount Pleasant Primary School

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Forest School

Summer 1 

Week 1 forest school for 1x and 3/4Y consisted of:

  • playing the ‘Yes/No’  game to get away from the rainy weather
  • making our own works of art using things from nature like twigs, bark and cones
  • practising identifying common British garden birds
  • code cracking
  • picking flowers- daisies, buttercups and dandelions to decorate a tree shape

Spring 2

Week 2 forest school for Year 3/4Y and 5X consisted of:

  • Playing the ‘Yes/No’  game to get and keep  warm during the sleety  rainy weather
  • Hunting for the butterflies with our partner
  • Learning to identify common British garden birds
  • How to tie a ‘strangle knot’ so we could bundle together a pile of sticks for carrying
On Friday Year 3/4Y and Year 5 had their first forest school lesson. The children took part in various activities in our woodland area. These activities were
Using the parachute to get warm
Playing the Yes No game
Working with a partner to solve Cryptic code word
Sang the camp fire song Down in the Jungle
Learning to identify signs of spring
We played hide and seek and got very muddy

Children in Reception and Nursery have their forest school on Thursdays. Last Thursday children built shelters for animals, had to find numbers hidden outside, played in the mud kitchen and even got to jump in muddy puddles. It was very fun!</div>
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