Mount Pleasant Primary School

Mount Pleasant Primary School

'Every child matters, every moment counts'

Planet Rewards 


Every child when admitted to Mount Pleasant is allocated to a planet. Families are all allocated to the same planet. Throughout the school week children can earn points that are then totalled up and the planet with the most points at the end of a half term will be rewarded with a 'Planet Celebration'. 

 We offer various planet celebrations (dependent on the time of year) such as:

  • Non-uniform day 
  • Movie and popcorn 
  • Planet party 
  • Picnic on the field 

Planet points can be earned for various different reasons. For example, good manors, good work, listening and helping others. 

Sports Mornings

Our annual sports morning took place a little differently. This year children and siblings took part in planet groups. Neptune and Saturn participated on day 1 and Earth and Jupiter were day 2.  It was so much fun for everyone who took part and enjoyable for parents to be able to watch. We even had a  parents race!!