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Welcome to our Year 6 Learning Journey. In this section, you will find a snapshot of the learning that is happening in our year group. We update the journey every term with some examples of our favourite learning or some of the most exciting things that we get up! 

Our Reading Journey

These are the books we have read so far this year - be sure to check back as we are constantly adding more books!

Spring Two 

Spring Two is, as always, a really busy time for Year 6. Take a look at some of the learning and exciting things that we have been taking part in!

Here we are posing as characters from our favourite books for World Book Day on 5th March 2020! Can you guess which characters we are supposed to be?

Spring One

Spring One has been packed with lots of learning in Year 6. As well as preparing for our Key Stage 2 SATs in Maths and English, we have also enjoyed learning about lots of things in the wider curriculum!

We have been learning all about the ancient Shang Dynasty in History. We have looked at lots of different aspects including: Shang Kings, Social Hierarchy and what life was like for ordinary people. We have looked at how historians have pieced together lots of different types of evidence to learn about this ancient civilization. Together, we made group presentations looking at the Gods and religion of the Shang people. 

In Design Technology, we investigated how to to make a ride with moving parts. We worked in groups to research, design and construct a fairground ride with rotating parts! We used lots of different materials and our learning all about circuits to create the moving rides. 

In Science we have been learning about how we see. We investigated how mirrors can be used to change the direction of light as well as looking at how the human eye works. Additionally, we investigated how the distance of the light source from an opaque object can impact the size of the shadow.

Our Autumn Two Learning Journey!

Yet another busy half term for us in Year 6. We hope you enjoy looking at some of the things we have been learning about in this half term!

These pictures show us during our first trip of the year to Burnley Court. 6x visited the magistrates court and 6z went to see the Crown Court. We took part in a mock trial based around cyber bullying. On our trip, we were accompanied by Councilor Parkinson who is our chair of governors and Mrs Bullock who is another of our school governors. 

Our English lessons have been based around the classic novel, Oliver Twist By Charles Dickens. We began our learning by tasting gruel which is type of watery porridge eaten by people in Victorian workhouses. We analysed the character of Bill Sykes by completing a role on the wall activity which was followed by us creating a Twitter account for the villain. 

Here you can see some of our practical Math sessions from this half term. In this lesson we were rounding decimal numbers and building models. 

Autumn One Learning Journey

Our first half term in Year 6 has been extremely busy. Please enjoy looking at our learning journey which shows some of our interesting and active learning.

For our Science topic, we learnt all about the circulatory system. We used a measuring cup and water to try move the same amount of liquid in 60 seconds as the heart does. We also designed and carried out our own investigations to find out how exercise alters our heart rate.

In PE, we worked with Matt the sports coach. We focused on the skills and techniques needed to take part in invasions games. During each lesson, some of us worked together to design and lead the warm up sessions. 

In English we read The Unforgotten Coat by Frank Cottrell Boyce. Using this as inspiration, we researched and wrote a report all about the country of Mongolia.

Also in this half term, we learnt about endangered animals using the book Can We Save the Tiger? as our inspiration. From this we wrote persuasive speeches aimed at governments to encourage them to help endangered animals. 

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