Mount Pleasant Primary School

Year 6

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Welcome to the Year 6 Learning Journey.

Here we will share some of the things we get up to during each half term.

Keep an eye out as we are updating and adding new things all the time. 

Summer Two

We had a fantastic sports day this year. We were extremely competitive - especially when it came to Welly Throwing!

In PE, we attempted some different balances - some of us were more successful than others but we all really enjoyed the lesson!

Summer One 

We celebrated the Queen's jubilee - the whole school went out on the field to take part in singing the National Anthem!

In English we have been looking at Macbeth by William Shakespeare. We explored the mains characters and looked at how their characters changed throughout the story. 

We enjoyed four fantastic sessions with Mr Bowden when we took part in his Science shows. They were educational and fun! 

In sport, we have been learning about the rules and skills required to play tag rugby.  Because of the nice weather, we have managed to use our school field! Some of us went to take part in an inter-school tournament.

Spring Two

We have been investigating creating fairground rides with rotating parts in DT. After researching different types of rides we worked together to design the ride. We the combined our work on circuits from Science with our design skills to create a model. 

We have been learning how to play touch rugby in PE this half term. We have also taken advantage of the nice weather and done some PE lessons on the field. 

We celebrated our love of reading by taking part in World Book Day. This year we had a magical theme to our World Book Day costumes. We also took part in the Readthon to raise lots of money to buy books for local hospital. 

Spring One

We are having a really busy half term to begin 2022! Here are a few examples of the work and experiences we have had so far...

We are currently looking at Graffiti in our art unit of work. Here are some of our 'throwie' designs! 

A visit from the 'Drone Man'! We really enjoyed learning all about drones and how to program them to do different things. We had a few accidents in the beginning but, in the end, we all managed to master the skill of flying! 

We have seen the light, bent the light and blocked the light in Science this half term. We really enjoyed investigating how light travels and can be influenced by object. Also, we were fascinated when learning about the parts of the human eye! 

It's been all about ball games in PE! We have been learning the skills needed to play both football and netball. We have realised that some of use of very competitive! 

We have been learning how to produce, and work with, spreadsheets in computing this half term. Lots of us can now use formulae to find results quickly. 

One of our Maths targets was to be able to draw circles using a pair of compasses. It was tricky but most of us managed to produce several perfect circles in the end! 

Our focus text in English this half term has been the amazing 'The Invention of Hugo Cabret' by Brian Selznick. We have done lots of work analysing the text and pictures as well as learning about the history of early cinema. 

Autumn Two

Christmas in Year 6

This year we made 3D bauble cards, modern season calendars and took part in National Christmas Jumper Day to raise money for the NSPCC.

We enjoyed a fantastically fascinating trip to Blackburn Cathedral Church to help support our RE work. We found out lots of information about the building; discovered the story of nativity and were even lucky enough to hear the organist play!!!

In PE this half term we have been learning dance; taking part in gymnastics and we have been learning how to play netball. 

We were lucky enough to take part in a Victorian Crime and Punishment morning. We learnt what it would be like training to be a prison officer in Victorian Britain along with some of the punishments people were subjected to in the workhouses. We used this information in our English work - linked to our novel, Oliver Twist; our Guided Reading - Street Child, and in our History work on Victorian Britain. 

In Design Technology, we made burgers! Beginning with some research into different types of burgers, we went through the design process and finally, we made a finished product. To complete our food masterpieces, we made different sauces! They were delicious! 

We took part in Anti-bullying week by wearing odd socks to celebrate our differences! 

Autumn One

We have had a busy half term in Year 6. Here are some examples of our learning.

In Geography, we have been learning about South America.

We used the internet to research different climates and biomes on the continent.

We have been using practical Maths to consolidate our learning each week.

We have used games, equipment and team work to apply our learning to different situations

British Values

We had a visit from the leader of Hyndburn Council - Miles Parkinson

Councilor Parkinson talked to us about his different roles on the council and what it is like to do his job. We asked him lots of questions about his current job and his previous role as a fire fighter. He helped us to understand the importance of democracy and making sure we use our vote when we are older. 

He brought his OBE medal to show us!

Here are our newly elected Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy-Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl.

The process was tough - we had to write letters of application outlining our suitability for the positions and convince the rest of Year Six that we were the best candidates. The vote was carried our democratically and our successful were chosen.

We're sure they will do an excellent job!

We have been learning how to play tennis during our PE sessions.

We may have some future Wimbledon champions right here at Mount Pleasant!

Inspired by our English text, The Unforgotten Coat by Frank Cotrell Boyce, we made rockets using effervescent tablets and film cannisters.

Some of them were really successful others, did not work quite as well. 

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