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Welcome to Year 6 2023-2024

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Miss Braddock
Miss Braddock
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Mrs Spencer

Welcome to the Year 6 Learning Journey.

Here we will share some of the things we get up to during each half term.

Mayoral Visit

The mayor of Hyndburn, Councillor Terry Burns, came to visit us with his wife, the mayoress.  They explained what their job involves and what their goals are while they are in role.  We had the opportunity to find out more about how local government works and were able to ask lots of questions.

DT - Burgers

In Design Technology we explored how burgers and lots of the sauces we use are made.  We tested and tasted different ingredients then made our our sauces and burgers, following different recipes.  We had to think carefully about what went together.  It was great eating our burgers as soon as they were ready!

Blackburn Cathedral Trip

We were really excited to be invited to visit Blackburn Cathedral.  We had a great trip exploring the differences between a church and a cathedral, and learning more about the season of Advent, investigating some of the stories and important people connected with this period in the year.

English - 'The Unforgotten Coat'

One of the books we have studied in English was 'The Unforgotten Coat' by Frank Cottrell Boyce.  In this story a young boy, also in year 6 like us, comes to the UK from Mongolia for the first time.  We had a go at one of the experiments they do in their Science lessons: making rockets.  We recreated the chemical reaction in order for our 'rockets' to take off!

Interplanet Kurling Compeition

We took part in a Kurling competition between our planet teams.  It was really important to be accurate and use tactics to score points.  We had a great time!

Sabaiba and Adam were nominated as players of the day.

The results were: Jupiter (1st), Earth, Saturn and Neptune.