Mount Pleasant Primary School

Mount Pleasant Primary School

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Welcome to Year 5 2022-2023

Class Teachers 

5X - Mr Richardson
5X - Mr Richardson
5Z - Mr Mead
5Z - Mr Mead

Spring Two


5z have enjoyed learning their instruments in WOPPS!

Science - States of Matter

In Science, we carried out investigations which showed how materials can change state. 

Ancient Egypt Workshop

We were visited by Professor Tuesday (a historian) who delivered an Egyptian workshop to help us with our History learning. 

5x Forest School and Outdoor learning

During this half term, 5x have taken part in Forest School and Outdoor Learning. We really enjoyed learning about habitats, plants and food chains as well as learning communication, teamwork and logical thinking skills. 

Spring One


In PE, we have been learning the skills needed to play tennis. 

Judaism Visitor

We enjoyed a fantastic morning learning all about the Jewish faith. We got to look at lots of Jewish artefacts and learn all about how Jewish people follow the rules of their faith. 

Science - Materials and their Properties

We investigated conductors and insulators in our Science lessons to find out all about the uses of different materials. 

Autumn Two

5z Forest School and Outdoor Learning

Mr Mead's class have taken part in Forest School and outdoor problem solving this half term!

Christmas Jumper Day

We took part in nation Christmas Jumper Day to help raise money for the charity, Save the Children. 


We have been looking at balances and sequences in gymnastics this half term. We worked on symmetrical and asymmetrical as well as counter balances. 

Seasonal Stockings

For our Design Technology work we completed some Christmas Stockings. We used lots of different sewing techniques to create our festive designs. 

We are very proud of our final designs. 

Autumn One

Well-Being Day

Science - Investigating Forces

We have been investigating different forces in Science. We looked at air resistance. gravity and water resistance. To investigate water resistance, we built our own balloon boats.  

Cityscape Artwork

We created 3D cityscape artwork inspired by Charles Fazzino. We looked at examples of his cityscape pop art and then used it as inspiration to create our own.

Football and Netball

During PE, we have been learning about football and netball. We have focused on the skills needed in each sport as well as learning the rules of the games in order to take part in matches. 


Mr Richardson's class (5x), have been taking part in WOPPS. We have all been given a musical instrument to learn. We are learning to play the flute, the saxophone or the clarinet.